“Too angry”?

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Ron DeSantis contemplates run for president.

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My words and gestures mean nothing!

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“What do you mean, I failed!!”

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Choose the America you want!

To choose Biden’s America

     • Vote for Biden.

To choose Trump’s America

     •  Vote for Trump.

     •  Vote for a 3rd Party candidate.

     •  Don’t vote at all.

That’s it. There is no third option. To choose not to choose  is to cast your vote for Trump.

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Trump campaign wants to change the subject.

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Sturges “SuperSpreader”

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Karen & Chad at Trump’s Golf Club

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Kayleigh McNinny: “Wah! That’s not fair!”

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Wanna know why FL’s among world leaders in TrumpVirus infection & Death?

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Recipe for Florida Disaster


___2 parts Faux News broth

___1 part presidential dementia

___1 part presidential psychopathy

___1 part presidential malignant narcissism

___1 part gubanatorial ambition

___1 part gubanatorial suck-up to Trump

___1 part egotistic Florida lo-info dumbfuckery



___Stir together to form a fetid, gelatinous, flesh-eating BLOB!

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