Who really “wins”? Who really “loses”?

The news media are failing to keep up  with their responsibilities, and consequently the American people are failing more and more to comprehend the rapidly shrinking world we are a part of.

Here’s one example:

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Veteran NBC News Reporter Resigns, Says Network “Could No Longer Keep Up With The World”

Journalist William Arkin has been at NBC News on and off for thirty years, as a military analyst, a reporter, and a consultant. Arkin is a critic of what he calls “perpetual war” and the “creeping fascism of homeland security.” His memo of resignation touches on those facts and the fact that “the world and the state of journalism [are] in tandem crisis.” CNN:

“I find it disheartening that we do not report the failures of the generals and national security leaders,” he said. “I find it shocking that we essentially condone continued American bumbling in the Middle East and now Africa through our ho-hum reporting.”

He said that most of his critiques of NBC apply to the rest of the news media, as well.

Years ago, he said, “particularly as the social media wave began, it was clear that NBC (like the rest of the news media) could no longer keep up with the world. Added to that was the intellectual challenge of how to report our new kind of wars when there were no real fronts and no actual measures of success.”

And here’s another example:

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Why do the (if not literally, at least figuratively) “inside the beltway” media persist in covering politics as if they were covering some sort of sport?

Today’s big game (news coverage) features House vs. Senate; tomorrow’s, Congress vs. President; the next day’s, Democrats vs. Republicans…. In each instance one of the “teams” will be declared winner; the other, loser.

But really, if the President “wins” by getting his moronic “wall” built, who loses? Not the Democratic Party or the Democratic members of the House and Senate. If Congressional Republicans “win” their contest to gut the Patient Protection (and Affordable Care ) Act, who loses? If Republicans “win” the fight to gut environmental protection laws and regulations, who loses? The whole damned planet and everyone who inhabits it, that’s who!

These aren’t sports contests, and they sure as hell aren’t games.

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