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The Greeks had a word for it…

What’s wrong with this?    

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Good Fellow!

The Gang that Couldn’t Be Straight (Don’t Know Whether They Can Shoot Straight)   The Current Don’s Eldest Son Junior acknowledges that he expects to be indicted. Do you think he’s right? If so, indicted for what? (Might be more … Continue reading

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Quality of Life I

  Part I Hal Holbrook’s  one-man stage performance, Mark Twain Tonight, consisted of his dressing in character and delivering a selection of Mark Twain’s writings, the choices varying in response to his mood and his reading of the audience. In the … Continue reading

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Butthead Britt Hume stands up for poor, poor Donald

The article excerpted here is credited thus: The excerpt I share is a reprint from Alternet. I mention this because the article is very sloppily edited and copyedited, and I’m not sure who’s responsible for that. (I’ve corrected most of … Continue reading

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