Protect the Census from Trump and his enablers!

I signed this petition, and I think you should consider doing the same.

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The image above is a live link to the Common Cause petition.


Here’s the message to the Census Bureau I included with my signature.

Information is power. At great cost to our democracy, we were reminded of that truth by the results of the 2016 election. Facebook sold individuals’ personal information without their knowledge, let alone their permission. That information was used by American politicians in collusion with foreign adversaries of our nation to manipulate our citizens and subvert our election.

The key point is not that Facebook sold the information or that hackers stole it, but that the information was used by unscrupulous Americans to manipulate their fellow citizens, and consequently to cause irreparable damage to our nation’s natural resources, and to cause severe–possibly irreparable–damage to our democracy and our standing in the world.

We will probably never know for sure how many politicians and political operatives were involved and which crimes they committed. However, in light of the rapidly growing number of indictments, confessions, and convictions, no serious person can deny that the crimes were committed and that the criminals included a number of powerful American politicians.

That being so, I confess to having been stunned when I read that the Census Bureau was considering distributing equivalent but more sensitive information to state politicians–politicians whose lack of scruples and contempt for fairness and honesty we read and hear about continually.

That the state (and national) politicians could use the information in question is undeniable. However, to suggest that they would use the information with fairness, justice, and respect for equal rights is totally disingenuous. The necessity for the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts make that obvious.

A significant number of United States residents know these facts just as well as you. Many will be legitimately fearful, and they will understandably avoid participating fully or at all in the census. One cannot formulate wise laws or policies on the basis of false or incomplete data. In other words, to implement this proposal would run directly counter to the very purpose of the census.

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