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White Fents, Red Flowers

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The Dictators Club

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A successful witch hunt!

      Former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal was on Meet the Press this Sunday to discuss the Mueller report and all of the possibilities surrounding its anticipated final release. Asked about the potential magnitude and possible outcomes of the Mueller investigation, … Continue reading

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Rep. Tom Cole: “We Republicans are very slow readers and thinkers.”


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One more instance of Trumplican bromance with vicious dictators

    So that’s what happened. Here’s what the fellow who posted the entry had to say about it: You mean to tell me that a United States Senator is unable to make that point without quoting a fascist? Please. … Continue reading

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Cure for Trump’s dementia?

Modified ad from Daily Kos

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Are you *SURE* she said “Yes”?

Action hero cops a feel while pretending to rescue a distressed young woman!   (Actually it’s a photo of Over the Town, Marc Chagall’s self-portrait of himself and his beloved wife, Bella. The only molesting to be seen here is my abuse of Chagall’s … Continue reading

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Don Jr. on “loser teachers”

A REAL loser warns about imaginary losers. Jr. is doing as much damage to America as possible before being sent to prison. What’s he complaining about here? “Loser teachers” who “indoctrinate” students into accepting socialism. Why will he almost certainly end up … Continue reading

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Permanent majority…? Dictatorship?

UPDATE! Following Cohen’s testifying that he’s not certain Trump will step down even if he loses the election, this is less amusing than I intended.  

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Banned by Trump TV!

Faux News a.k.a. Fox News a.k.a. Trump TV They know their audience—and one of the things they know is that their audience can’t handle the truth! “Fox News has rejected a national advertising buy for a 30-second spot that warns … Continue reading

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