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Some things never change!

Though the tower was built with 58 floors, Mr. Trump later explainedto The New York Times that because there was a soaring pink marble atrium and 19 commercial floors at the bottom, he could see no good reason not to list … Continue reading

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American democracy requires accountability based on transparency

WARNING! Graphic, extremely disturbing video! This is a small sample of the video Private Manning leaked. This is what led to his (now her) being tortured, courtmartialed, and imprisoned. NOTA BENE! Everyone you see gunned down here was an unarmed, non-combatant … Continue reading

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Explanation but no apology

Regrets for having missed a day or two in my posting. The reason for the brief hiatus is that my much-loved brother, Ron, has been here for a visit. In the photo below Ron’s the handsome, healthy looking gent in front (holding the iPhone … Continue reading

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Trump; “Trump’s Cohn” Barr; and the other swamp creatures.

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Riddle me this! (Prison vs. countryclub.)

    So if you’re incarcerated in a federal prison, you are guaranteed access to free tampons and pads. If you’re in a local or state facility, however, you have to pay for them. And for people who can’t pay? … Continue reading

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!

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Perjury trap? BULLSHIT!

Question What kind of person would reach for the card resting on the trigger in the middle of the trap? Answer A cretin. or An iredeemably malignant pathological liar.      The perjury trap is a form of entrapment defense, … Continue reading

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A cancerous presidency.

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The crime family.

H/T Ari Melber

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Make like a golden-age British detective.

Dartmoor. A bitterly cold day, A storm rages–heavy wind, rain mixed with sleet. The roads are impassible, and anyone trapped outside would soon have perished. A few friends have joined the family for what should have been a cozy gathering at … Continue reading

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