Explanation but no apology

Regrets for having missed a day or two in my posting. The reason for the brief hiatus is that my much-loved brother, Ron, has been here for a visit.

In the photo below Ron’s the handsome, healthy looking gent in front (holding the iPhone for our selfie). I’m the cadaverous looking “might-could’ve-been … but-never-was” with a fatuous facial expression lurking behind Ron’s shoulder.

Dickson Boys


We had a great visit, sharing memories, feelings, ideas, opinions, stuff we’ve been writing; eating good food; watching and discussing good movies; visiting by telephone with my wife, daughter, and granddaughter. (I wasn’t there while Ron was talking with his wife, or I’d have shared that conversation as well). As happens every time we visit, I gained still more respect for the guy who truly was the best man at my wedding.

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  1. Ronald Dickson says:

    Oh Wayne, I’m afraid your looking at the wrong side of the tapestry. It is you who is the wisest of them all!

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