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Official U.S. policy: pay no ransom to terrorists!

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Normal? Typical?

I happened to see these adjacent blurbs in an email from The Nation: Hmmm… The way Trump refuses to honor his civic responsibility, and the way he treats the law with contempt, is “typical” for his “class” (whatever that means), … Continue reading

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No Fox town halls!

My comment in signing a petition endorsing the decision of Sen. Warren, now followed by Sen. Harris, to refuse to participate in a Fox News (sic!) town hall. Let’s get this straight. Sen. Warren (and now Sen. Harris) isn’t opting out … Continue reading

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Trompe l’oeil?

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3 Dons


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Stain Removers

h/t Angela Pruett  

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I am soooo smart!

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Post-Modern view of truth/fact & Conservatism

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