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John John and Don Don

“John John” Kennedy   Don Don of the Drumpf Crime Family

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Clown show v. Serious inquiry

When we vote to send representatives to Washington, we do so by secret ballot. However, once those representatives arrive in Washington, their votes on issues important to us are cast openly and in public. For good or ill, that’s a … Continue reading

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Will the real Donald please step forward!

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The horrendous truth @ Trump is *BORING*?? Wall St. Dems v. Progressive Dems.

For most media companies, the rapidly eroding ratings for the Democratic National Committee’s debate cycle would merit a mid-season cancellation. And considering the content of the last five, that might actually be in the best interest of the tens of … Continue reading

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Quick reaction to testimony on 11/20.

John Dean said to Nixon, “There’sa cancer on the presidency.” He might well have added, “The cancer is you, sir. And your malignancy is metastasizing.” If they had read Mueller’s report, seen what’s happening in plain sight, and heard the … Continue reading

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New pronunciation? So Why didn’t anyone explain that?

I was wondering about this so I checked it out on the Googles.   The Great Gate of …? Consult Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition (Either Mussorgsky’s piano version or Ravel’s orchestration.)   It turns out “Kee-yev,” the pronunciation Americans … Continue reading

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A reminder of what could have been…

This is a great speech from the movie The American President, from which the television series West Wing spun off. More than ever in my memory, America needs to watch this movie…or at least to watch this scene. The movie … Continue reading

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Ironic…but not to the slightest edge amusing

Venice, the “Jewel of the Adriatic”, is sinking while—simultaneously—the sea level is rising. Compare this to New Orleans, which is built below sea level. The city is protected by a series of levees. However… The Army Corps of Engineers dredged and … Continue reading

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Reminder on the PBS impeachment policy

  What follows is the letter Moyers and Winship wrote to PBS:     Did you notice that bit about Nixon, PBS, and Watergate? Good. Now juxtapose that against the following:     Wake up, couch potatoes! We’re all on board … Continue reading

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