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Republican admits GOP practices voter suppression

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Holder speaks out on Barr #1

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Conway strikes #1

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Why does Donald Trump hate windmills

It all started with golf. So this is a transcript of what Donkey ranted at the Turning Point USA [Conservative] Student Action Summit: “I never understood wind,” Trump said at the start of the lengthy tangent, days after he became the third president … Continue reading

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Not the right approach

The following blurb for an articleon Daily Kos reflects  the wayRepublicans think and talk It is not the way Democrats think and talk     Two approaches to ethics and morality Scholars categorize types of and perspectives on justice in various … Continue reading

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Urban slang. If it strikes you as sexist or in any other way offensive, please skip this post.

Possibly sexist or offensive. If that rots your sox, please skip this post!     A young and, in my opinion, attractive young woman is teaching a lesson on human anatomy. I could be wrong, obviously. I’m wrong more often … Continue reading

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Open letter to Sen. Ron Johnson (R WI)

Sen. Johnson: You say that, because impeachment is “political,” you have determined in advance to vote for acquittal of President Trump, regardless of the evidence and reasoned arguments that might be presented either for or against that determination. In other … Continue reading

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For once he tells the truth!


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A previously unrecognized symptom of a medical problem

  H/T to former student Angie Pruett. 🙂

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CAP site on info re impeachment  

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