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@WhiteHouse — real or parody? Or self-parodying reality?

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Impeachment strategy

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Re Impeachment: open letter to Sen. Rubio & Sen. Scott

Senators Rubio and Scott: As a constituent, I’m writing because I take seriously my responsibilities as a U.S. citizen, and I trust you do as well. One central principle emerged today as the foundation of President Trump’s defense: Louis XIV’s … Continue reading

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January 21 – 10th anniversary of Citizens United

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What’s your attitude toward America?

Full-size image.

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Robert Reich explains the Right Wing Ukraine hoax

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Why do so many Americans worship capitalism and demonize alternative economic options?

From Common Dreams

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One of the oldest living things on earth

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Call or write your senators’ respective offices

Written by Alex Henderson January 20, 2020 As President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial gets underway in the U.S. Senate, most Democrats realize that Trump is almost certain to be acquitted by the Senate’s Republican majority — especially in light of … Continue reading

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