Email to my senator, Marco Rubio

This is almost certainly too late, I know. And even if it were on time, there’s close to zero chance Sen. Rubio will ever hear about it, let alone read it. Nevertheless, my being convinced that he and his staff will do the wrong thing does not absolve me from the moral responsibility of doing the right thing.

So here’s the email I’ll send him as soon as I post this:

Sen. Rubio—

Robert Frost’s familiar poem begins “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,/ And sorry I could not travel both….”

You, sir, face a similar choice: the road of selfish cowardice or the road of courageous patriotism. What makes your choice painfully ironic is that your family immigrated from Cuba to escape Batista’s and/or Castro’s dictatorship (depending on family member) and embrace democracy. And now you seem ready to reject democracy and embrace dictatorship. You are too intelligent and too savvy not to recognize both the truth and the bitter irony in that.

And what makes your choice even more painfully ironic is the way Donald Trump treated not just you but also your father during the 2016 primary season. I’m considerably older than you, sir, but I’m like you in that our fathers both were immigrants and both have passed away. We both grew up in Miami, not too far apart. (My address was 240 N.W. 60th Court.)

Members of your family had difficulty with immigration status. Bad as that was, imagine that Donald Trump had been president! Would he have welcomed a hispanic immigrant? If he — or those who would succeed him — had been president, you would never have been born; my brother would never have married a Cuban immigrant; my Cuban-American nieces would never have been born; my Korean son-in-law would never have been allowed to immigrate; and my beautiful, intelligent, and talented Korean-American granddaughter would never have been born.

I’m still trying to be a man of whom my father would be proud, and I have to believe you are as well. If that’s so, how can you possibly vote to acquit Donald Trump? To do so would be a betrayal, not just of your sworn oath, but also of your own family.


Wayne Dickson

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3 Responses to Email to my senator, Marco Rubio

  1. Ronald Dickson says:

    It’s depressing to think of all the voters that elect and follow Trump with blind devotion. Has half of our country fallen into this well of ignorance that they willingly court tyranny. Surly a well educated (?) servant of the PUBLIC would put Country first after being elected to PUBLIC office. After all isn’t Rubio a United States, as well as a Florida Senator? Is he now a Trump Senator?

  2. Ronald Dickson says:

    Correction: I know Rubio is not a Senator in the state of Florida. He is a U. S. Senator who is tasked to make decisions that effect the lives of ALL Americans

  3. Danzo says:

    House didnt follow protocol, nuff said.
    As for immigration back then? with laws that were
    In effect; most likely would have got in.
    This nations society as a whole is directly
    Threatened by immigrants with
    Criminal backgrounds. Dont take my word for
    It, just talk with some immigrants themselves.
    I have had many a “immigrant contractor” the last 25

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