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Responding to David Pakman’s invitation…

David Pakman invited people to send him “Photoshopped”” (or equivalent) responses to a photo of him holding his infant child. Here’s what I sent him:

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Bad grammar, Rev? Or Freudian slip?

The question is what’s the antecedent of “their.” You see, Rev, the pronoun “their” is plural. “China” is a singular noun. The only possible plural antecedent is “America and other countries.” In other words, you’re saying that America is being punished because … Continue reading

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Today’s secret word: “tourism.”

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Join EFF in Defending Our Privacy through Encryption

Back in the 1960s a popular aphorism among my friends was, “Bombing for peace is like fucking for celibacy.” (That particular undeclared war is still working itself toward its undeclared and unsatisfactory resolution, and I’ll have plenty more to say about it! But … Continue reading

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All a question of values, I suppose.

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Shocking? Nonsense!

  Nothing shocking here, guys! If you’re a Trump fan, you know you’re gonna have to cope with a whole lot of shit!    

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In FL, who pulls the governor’s GOP strings—public health, small business, or…?

NOTE! You should know that FL GOP Gov. DeSantis closed small restaurants, but said nothing about crowds gathering at Florida’s beaches. Here where I live, the Democratic mayors and city councils want to close beaches and protect public health. The GOP … Continue reading

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Diamonds and Roses

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Why Biden? **NOT** because he’s “centrist”!!

  I saw this article in Salon and then followed the link to the original source, Fair. I responded to the article with the following comment: The media and their consumers always favor simplistic explanations. I, a Floridian, voted for … Continue reading

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Letter to New Yorker: distancing/communicating

Editor: I just read Isaac Chotiner’s “How to Practice Social Distancing.” At the bottom of the same page I saw a blurb for Sarah Larson’s “Podcasts to Listen to While Social Distancing.” Nowhere have I seen a column or article on … Continue reading

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