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Givers and takers among the states

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COVID “protest” stats worth noting

And a lot can afford really expensive guns.

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Video Journal 4/27/20

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DT Cocktail #1

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Remember “the “What’s My Line?” Television show?


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Fallen leaf from our backyard

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La Danse in a Season of Plague

Apologies to Matisse, to one of my favorite paintings, and to The New Yorker and its cartoonist for the crude appropriation/tribute.  

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Trump threatens to shoot down Iranian gunboats!

  U.S. Navy Vessel Harassed by Iranian Flying Gunboat

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Guvmint? **Which** guvmint?

“The government” is one of the most destructive phrases one can encounter. No, I’m not channeling Reagan! I’m saying you need to specify. Federal, state, local? Which branch? Which agency? Etc. Government ≠ government ≠ government.  

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