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Who? Why?

Who are these people? Why are they attacking CNN? How would they answer if you asked them?     Who hates CNN? Donald Trump. Faux News. MAGA cultists. White supremacists. GOP Pols. Who hates black Americans? Donald Trump. Faux News. … Continue reading

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Steve Douchey does it again!

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In America reality has become Twitterized. We wring our hands verbally, but do nothing!

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Trump the unmanly manchild

  There used to be a saying, “Real men don’t eat quiche.” Actually we do. Not all quiche is created equal, of course. But some types of quiche are really, really good!   Now there’s a sorta semi-articulated equivalent: “Real … Continue reading

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The party of stupid? Yes. But also the party of hatred and fear!

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Manifestly insane! Any studies being conducted? Lawyers working on it?

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Is this what “Greatness” means to Trump cultists?

UPDATE! Who could possibly have anticipated this!?!     The rest of the world looks at this and sees stupidity. Trump has turned respect and admiration into baffled contempt.  

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How can we be be so stupid!?

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Compassionate care from a front-line hero.

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Is this evidence of a criminal act?

Minnesota, outside a bar. A reporter approached a knuckle-dragging crowd of yahoos who were clamoring for a bar to open and let them in. He wanted to let them tell their story. Instead, they attacked him, mocking him for wearing … Continue reading

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