G.O.P. demonstrates necessity for House hearings.

Newsweek post:

Newsweek 1

The announced topic was “Oversight of the Department of Justice: Political Interference and Threats to Prosecutorial Independence.” But the competing theme was distraction and disorder. Ranking member Jim Jordan of Ohio shouted over Chairman Jerrold Nadler and the witnesses. Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas banged on his desk steadily when Ayer’s opening statement ran a bit over time. And Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana kept ribbing Zelinsky, who, on the advice of a physician, testified remotely to keep his newborn baby safe from COVID-19.

Ms. Taub accurately describes what happened at the hearing, but she misinterprets it. Ironically, through their childish behavior Republicans were actually helping Chairman Nadler. I mean, in manifesting political interference, they were proving that, not just prosecutorial independence, but the rule of law itself is under grave threat, weren’t they? You’ve been hoist by your own petard, inept and naughty boys!

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