Open letter to Joy Reid


Don’t be like “Unca Donald”!

We all criticize Trump for his “transactional” politics. You know: “I’ll give you this if in return you’ll give me that.” Like, “I’ll release this military aid to you, if you’ll publicly announce you’re investigating Joe Biden’s son for having done something—anything!”

How is that different from your telling Biden, “Black women gave you this (the election), so in return you must give them that (running mate or important Cabinet or White House position)?

Answer? No difference whatsoever. It was wrong of Trump, and it’s wrong of you. Stop it! Just stop!!

We need a president [as someone once said :-)], not of the red states or the blue states, but of the United States; not of black or brown or any other color Americans, but of all Americans. We have a president who was elected by a coalition, and whose appointments should reflect and honor that coalition.

The coalition as a whole! Individual constituents of the coalition should not be tearing it apart with internecine squabbling about who contributed most to the victory, and who thus deserves the biggest share of the spoils. This administration should be about wisdom, honor, and statesmanship. It should not be about quid pro quo.

The president’s appointments should (a) serve the best interest of America as a whole; (b) reflect the coalition as a whole; (c) provide equal opportunity for appointment and service to every element of the constituency—legitimately equal: no blackballs, no quotas, no favoritism.


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