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Re Volusia County, FL, DEC election appeal

What the Trumplicans wrote: Volusia County DEC elected a new slate of Progressive Democratic officers on December 8th, 2020, by considerable margins, defeating the incumbents and other establishment Democrats. [Although they casually use a capital “P”, remember that there is … Continue reading

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Cruz: “Why waste time on this seditious insurrection we attempted?”

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Jim Jordan: Liar, liar, knotted knickers on fire!

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Rex Tillerson, master of……the art of ironic understatement?

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Rubio: “Yes, we’re guilty. But, if our perfidy succeeds, it won’t be our fault.”

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Alone but together

For a while now I’ve been seeing increasing numbers of tweets sharing people’s feelings of frustration, helplessness, burnout, incipient despair…. At times like this, my own first recourse and advice to others has been to turn to the following thoughts … Continue reading

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Mask = Patriot

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American-style censorship according to wing nuts

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