Letter to editor of Daytona Beach News-Journal

Letter to Editor

I wrote this letter in response to a guest article in the Daytona Beach FL News-Journal. The article was written be a local Republican leader. https://daytonanewsjournal-fl.newsmemory.com/?publink=1e1087d01_1345be2

Rather doubt they’ll publish it, but I did at least want to share it with the few people who read my blog.

You could have published Vic Baker’s article in either of two sections of your newspaper: Comics or Opinion. Neither would have been completely appropriate.

As for Comics, though his article was indeed laughable, he surely didn’t intend for it to be so. Opinion? Truly to believe the assertions he makes there, he would have to be delusional. No, what’s needed is a third section: Deliberate Lies.

For someone who just awakened from a coma, Baker’s article might seem reasonable. But for anyone who heard the speeches (“trial by combat”?) and watched what transpired on live television, the article is preposterous.

Persons anticipating a peaceful gathering for speechifying do not come dressed and equipped for combat; they not call for murder of journalists and lawmakers; they do not bring a working gallows and erect it in the courtyard; they do not bludgeon a police officer to death with a fire extinguisher.

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