What to take away from trial 2. (Hint: Managers done good!)

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This is a good article, worth reading and reflection. My being a superannuated retired writing professor, I couldn’t help deducting a few “style points” and slipping in a smidgeon of light editing.  But the substance is solid. Check these excerpts, then read the entire article.

Normal people tend to live in a world in which morality prevails much of the time over self-interest. Senators are not normal. Republican senators are especially abnormal. They are exquisitely sensitive to the temptations of power, because in the end, that’s all that really matters to them….

Our democratic republic produced these fascists. Democracy, because it is the sovereignty of the people—the sovereignty of every kind of person of every ideological stripe—is always going to produce people who’d kill off democracy if given half a chance. The framers knew this.

While some are blaming the Democrats for not doing this or that thing that might have persuaded them to convict, remember the Republicans represent people. If 43 of them are OK with betraying the republic, roughly two-fifths of Americans are probably OK with it, too.

Obviously, [in political terms] the Democratic impeachment managers did fail. Trump was not convicted. But they succeeded in democratic terms—in terms of the political legitimacy and moral authority of the majority….

While it was devastating to see 43 Republican senators OK’ing treason, [and even more] devastating to consider two-fifths of the electorate OK’ing treason, it should be heartening to see 57 senators from both parties—[representing] a hearty three-fifths of the electorate—take the side of democracy and the republic, warts and all.

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