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Derek Chauvin’s Trial

The news is dominated these days by the testimony of witnesses in the trial of Derek Chauvin, charged with having murdered George Floyd. A recurring theme has been the anguished guilt felt by those who saw what was happening, who documented it, who might even have done something (they don’t really know what) to intervene and perhaps save his life.

Role of race #1.

Chauvin is White. Floyd was Black. But one of the earliest, most anguished witnesses was White. And please note, most of these witnesses are questioning themselves about what they didn’t do but might have. Compare that to the following.

Role of race #2?


Floyd Asian 1


I’ve seen the brief clip of video surveillance recording the store employee just shutting the door. Couldn’t tell his race. However, the man who attacked the woman was Black.


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The history of Black antipathy toward Asians goes way back. I doubt this attack had anything to do with Covid-19, any more than a similar attack in New York last year—again by a young Black man on an elderly Asian woman—had anything to do with it. Racism is an evil disease that corrupts the spirit among all races.

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