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Rex Tillerson, master of……the art of ironic understatement?

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Socilism sux!

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McNinny on school reopening

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DeVos gets educated

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Kudlow: “Piffle! It’s easy for you to die. It won’t bother me at all!”


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Be like Europe? Shudder!

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Kevin McCarthy is a Dunce!

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Just how dumb is IMPOTUS?

In AZ Trump said “no one” knows what the “19” in “COVID-19” stands for. Is he really that stupid? Or is he just pretending to be that stupid so that his cult followers won’t feel embarrassed by their own stupidity?

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Doug Collins seems to be as dumb as Donald Trump

      “Terror” is a tactic—like that being called for by Trump and practiced by uniformed thugs in his name, thugs whose service or department is disguised, and whose names and other ID have been removed. Sorry, Bush (and Trump … Continue reading

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Trump finds religion!

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