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Florida: Center of Evil (as in Trump), Corruption (Gaetz), Death (DeSantis)

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Rick Perry on a potential Texas nightmare.

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Killers from the distant past!

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Karma can be a bitch!

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Trump: “It’ll start getting cooler!”

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America’s “Exceptionalism”: Two standard deviations **BELOW** the mean.

Dear Wayne, As we all witness our incompetent president flounder, leading the worst coronavirus response in the industrialized world and using violent authoritarianism to crush nationwide protests for Black lives, the hard truth about this country has come into focus:  … Continue reading

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Bad grammar, Rev? Or Freudian slip?

The question is what’s the antecedent of “their.” You see, Rev, the pronoun “their” is plural. “China” is a singular noun. The only possible plural antecedent is “America and other countries.” In other words, you’re saying that America is being punished because … Continue reading

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Why does Donald Trump hate windmills

It all started with golf. So this is a transcript of what Donkey ranted at the Turning Point USA [Conservative] Student Action Summit: “I never understood wind,” Trump said at the start of the lengthy tangent, days after he became the third president … Continue reading

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Ironic…but not to the slightest edge amusing

Venice, the “Jewel of the Adriatic”, is sinking while—simultaneously—the sea level is rising. Compare this to New Orleans, which is built below sea level. The city is protected by a series of levees. However… The Army Corps of Engineers dredged and … Continue reading

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Deforestation: KFC/Yum! petition


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