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Ron DeSantis contemplates run for president.

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Wanna know why FL’s among world leaders in TrumpVirus infection & Death?

Recipe for Florida Disaster Ingredients ___2 parts Faux News broth ___1 part presidential dementia ___1 part presidential psychopathy ___1 part presidential malignant narcissism ___1 part gubanatorial ambition ___1 part gubanatorial suck-up to Trump ___1 part egotistic Florida lo-info dumbfuckery   Instructiouns ___Stir together to form a … Continue reading

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“Trust me!” Says DeSantis.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis hitched his wagon to the wrong elephant

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Everything Trump Touches Dies

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Yet another “Florida Man” politician toots his racist dog whistle

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Gut-check time for FL officials

Re the last blurb above: I sent this email to the Daytona Beach City Commission

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