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It’s “Howdy-Doody Time” in Volusia County FL

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Going on record: We support postal workers and their union!

U.S.P.S. letter/package box on our block. Package locker stuffed (probably with Biden-Harris hats!). Provided key doesn’t work. I printed the notice below to alert our letter carrier to the problem:

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“Florida Man” & “Florida Woman”

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Trump crosses the Rubicon

Open letter to Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott   President Trump said flatly on Fox News that he intends to destroy the USPS because he believes that if American citizens are allowed to vote absentee/by mail, he will lose … Continue reading

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Ron DeSantis contemplates run for president.

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Wanna know why FL’s among world leaders in TrumpVirus infection & Death?

Recipe for Florida Disaster Ingredients ___2 parts Faux News broth ___1 part presidential dementia ___1 part presidential psychopathy ___1 part presidential malignant narcissism ___1 part gubanatorial ambition ___1 part gubanatorial suck-up to Trump ___1 part egotistic Florida lo-info dumbfuckery   Instructiouns ___Stir together to form a … Continue reading

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“Trust me!” Says DeSantis.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis hitched his wagon to the wrong elephant

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Everything Trump Touches Dies

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Yet another “Florida Man” politician toots his racist dog whistle

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