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“Too angry”?

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Ron DeSantis contemplates run for president.

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Trump campaign wants to change the subject.

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Kayleigh McNinny: “Wah! That’s not fair!”

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Wanna know why FL’s among world leaders in TrumpVirus infection & Death?

Recipe for Florida Disaster Ingredients ___2 parts Faux News broth ___1 part presidential dementia ___1 part presidential psychopathy ___1 part presidential malignant narcissism ___1 part gubanatorial ambition ___1 part gubanatorial suck-up to Trump ___1 part egotistic Florida lo-info dumbfuckery   Instructiouns ___Stir together to form a … Continue reading

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Rep. David Schweikert (R AZ) qualifies for appointment to Trump’s Cabinet.

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“Trust me!” Says DeSantis.

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Unemployment benefits do *NOT* disincentivize willingness to work!

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Alternet asks whether we must continue to respect stupidity.

One is tempted to say simply “No.” But that would be like answering “yes” or “no” to the question whether one has stopped beating her or his significant other. I for one have never respected stupidity per se.

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Your Republican Congressmen at their best!

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