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“What do you mean, I failed!!”

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Kayleigh McNinny: “Wah! That’s not fair!”

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As Ricky Ricardo used to say—in his politically incorrect way—someone needs to do some ‘splaining.

  What strikes me first is the “Hot and Juicy Crawfish Massage.” I mean……… What happens at this establishment? For example… Is the customer provided with a hot and juicy crawfish, which he/she can massage? Does an attendant at the … Continue reading

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American “Exceptionalism”

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When is Trump lying?

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Warning! Juvenile potty-brain humor. Adults should avoid it!

I read Alternet every day. I like it. I contribute. But I gotta admit, their blurb/headline writers often make errors–sometimes irritating, sometimes misleading, sometimes…. Well, you get the point. But this one is seriously embarrassing!  

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Trump claims credit for “Juneteenth”

Trump claims to The Wall Street Journal that he’s responsible for informing America about “Juneteenth.” “I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous,” Mr. Trump said, referring to news coverage of the rally date. “It’s actually an important event, … Continue reading

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Animatronic Barbie McNinny on Civil Rights

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Trump: Why no mask?

The language of masks. Many important emblems cut two ways simultaneously. Windows are for looking in…and at the same time for looking out. A cage in a zoo protects the public from dangerous animals…but it also protects animals from a … Continue reading

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Auto-correction or human error?

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