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Jargon, joke, or error?

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Cognitive Dissonance

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WTF is a “centrist”?

During WW II, theater title cards, posters, magazine ads, etc. kept reminding the public that “Loose lips sink ships!” They were warning mostly about how letting slip* the departure time or destination of naval vessels or convoys might allow predatory … Continue reading

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Our words say more than we realize.

There’s what we intend to say about some topic. And lots of other things we didn’t even know we were saying. And things people hear regardless of what we actually said.

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Sen. Susan Collins in a nutshell!

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Hats off to Stuart Stevens!

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Arguing with nematodes like Donald Dimwit or Mark Meadows

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Donald Dimwit & his Fox News (sic) sycophantic suckers

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“What do you mean, I failed!!”

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