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Ron Dickson’s Interview about His Service During the Vietnam War

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How can we be be so stupid!?

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Video Journal 4/27/20

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Fallen leaf from our backyard

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La Danse in a Season of Plague

Apologies to Matisse, to one of my favorite paintings, and to The New Yorker and its cartoonist for the crude appropriation/tribute.  

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Responding to David Pakman’s invitation…

David Pakman invited people to send him “Photoshopped”” (or equivalent) responses to a photo of him holding his infant child. Here’s what I sent him:

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A partial “makeover”

David Sepulveda goes for my beard with his clippers.

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Being old #1

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I.C.E. *Must* Go!

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency is acting with unimaginable cruelty in destroying the lives of our fellow Americans. Actions like this cause terrible damage and accomplish nothing positive or good. And they do it in my name and yours. … Continue reading

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Back when we liked Ike – #1

  First, notice the prices. (The price of a hamburger, hidden by the customer’s head, was 15¢.) For 25¢ you could get a burger plus Coke or coffee. The total is interesting, but so is the fact that a Coke or … Continue reading

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