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Alert for those dining out with Ted Cruz!

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Kevin McCarthy is a Dunce!

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America’s “Exceptionalism”: Two standard deviations **BELOW** the mean.

Dear Wayne, As we all witness our incompetent president flounder, leading the worst coronavirus response in the industrialized world and using violent authoritarianism to crush nationwide protests for Black lives, the hard truth about this country has come into focus:  … Continue reading

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G.O.P. ‘conomics

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Coping with lock-down the Bezos way.

From The New Yorker:  

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Why are Danes so much happier than Americans?


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Being poor is expensive!

For those who’ve taken a moment to think about it, this country imposes an unconscionable penalty on those of our citizens who are mired in poverty. Those in positions of power and comfort enact oppressive laws, impose oppressive policies, and encourage … Continue reading

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