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Poor little sex-addicted mass murderer was having a bad day!

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Open letter to Joy Reid

Joy— Don’t be like “Unca Donald”! We all criticize Trump for his “transactional” politics. You know: “I’ll give you this if in return you’ll give me that.” Like, “I’ll release this military aid to you, if you’ll publicly announce you’re … Continue reading

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To qualify as genuinely “pro-life” rather than just anti-abortion…

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Do you have your husband’s permission, Ladies?

Context: This is something Trump actually said at a rally in, I think, North Carolina.

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“Too angry”?

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Yo! Ho!! (Another “Florida Man”)

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Trump wishes well to the procurer for his party-pal

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Yet another “Florida Man” politician toots his racist dog whistle

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Different standards?

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Kevin McCarthy is a Dunce!

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