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Warrior Trump!

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Petition to Congress re War

My personal note accompanying the petition This is not just a “rat f—ing” stunt to influence the 2020 elections. This is non-partisan. It’s a matter that will affect, not just us, but people and nations far beyond our borders. Our … Continue reading

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Questions for Trump worshippers following Der Fuerhrer like retarded lemmings, right off the cliff and into the abyss of endless war

            I’m eager to recommend this article, but with a tiny wee bit of warning. You can see it in the comment I added after reading it. (As always with me, the headline links to … Continue reading

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A petition to consider signing

Click headline above for the petition.   Read below for the letter I included. You have the power. Use it or lose it! To allow POTUS to get away with extortion (at the cost of Ukrainian lives and U.S. strategic leverage) … Continue reading

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