Volusia DEC: “Ruthless”

DEC Chair Richard Thripp has described himself on several occasions–with apparent pride!–as “ruthless.” (See, for example. Mark Harper’s story in the Daytona Beach News-Journal.) That’s puzzled me. I mean, this is a word with powerfully negative connotations. I don’t remember ever hearing anyone describe himself or herself publicly as “ruthless.”

It’s a term of insult and condemnation. My computer’s built-in thesaurus begins its list of approximate synonyms with this:

merciless, pitiless, cruel, heartless, hard-hearted, hard, stony-hearted, stony, with a heart of stone, cold-blooded, cold-hearted, harsh, callous, severe, unmerciful, unrelenting, unsparing, unforgiving, unfeeling, uncaring, unsympathetic, uncharitable, lacking compassion….

“Ruthless” is a term one would use to describe Ebenezer Scrooge before he’s visited by Marley’s three ghosts. They’re descriptors of Republican values. They are 180° opposite the values that have defined the Democratic Party since the 1930s.

ScroogComic 1

With whom would you associate these values: Mitch McConnell or Ted Cruz or Rand Paul on the one hand? Or, say, Elizabeth Warren or Jeff Merkley or Cory Booker on the other? Exactly! These are Republican values and characteristics.

So why would the Chair of the DEC characterize himself that way? With great pride, remember! Easy. Less than two years ago Richard Thripp changed his voter registration from Republican to Democrat. He did not change his heart, his values, or his character, however. He remains just as much a Republican now as he was in 2016 when he voted for Donald Trump.

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GOP arithmetic

74 81 1

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Blither vs. Twitter

Insane 1

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Socilism sux!

Socilism 1

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Ghost of GOP-style Christmas

Ghost 1

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Dumb-as-a-Post Pence

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Presidential dingleberries

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A newt?!




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Bullshit apology from Orlando Sentinel



Rep. Michael Waltz received the Orlando Sentinel’s endorsement in the 2020 general election for Congress. On Thursday, Waltz joined onto the traitorous Texas lawsuit seeking to overturn the results in four states because they didn’t break for Donald Trump. On Friday, the paper’s Editorial Board formally apologized to their readers.

“We had no idea, had no way of knowing at the time, that Waltz was not committed to democracy. During our endorsement interview with the incumbent congressman, we didn’t think to ask, ‘Would you support the effort to throw out the votes of tens of millions of Americans in four states in order to overturn a presidential election and hand it to the person who lost, Donald Trump?’.”


The moment I read their original endorsement, I wrote this response:

Your disingenuous article endorsing Michael Waltz was a serious disservice to your readers.

You start by expressing a hint of regret over his “conservative outlook,” but immediately set that aside. What really matters, you suggest, isn’t his position on issues but his demeanor. He is less than rabid as a “social-issue warrior” and less than groveling in kowtowing to the President.

You anticipate the obvious challenge to that assessment: Waltz’s enthusiastic participation in the stunt Matt Gaetz pulled during the impeachment hearings. Your answer to that challenge? The hope that it was an anomaly. A vain hope as we now see.

One cannot separate social/political ideology from actions and demeanor. The last are expressions of the first. In the earlier example, Waltz first participated in the Gaetz stunt, and then–despite overwhelming evidence–voted against impeachment.

Despite revelations of Trump’s contempt for the military (published in the Atlantic article and confirmed even by Fox), military veteran Waltz has been silent. Despite revelations of Trump’s contempt for the lives of his own supporters (audible in the Woodward tapes), Waltz has been silent.

And today? He tweeted, “Instead of passing a COVID relief bill, Senate Democrats blocked it so they can pass their partisan wish list instead.” Seriously? The House passed a relief bill months ago–not a partisan wish list, but a human and economic necessity list. (Waltz voted against it.) McConnell pocketed that bill and advanced a laughably inadequate replacement. That’s what Waltz mocks Democrats for having rejected.


They knew goddam well what they were endorsing. They did it anyway, primarily because they didn’t like Waltz’s Democratic opponent, Clint Curtis.

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It’s “Howdy-Doody Time” in Volusia County FL

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