Open letter to MSNBC

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News organizations like yours use words and pictures (sometimes pictures that move) to communicate information and opinion. So how can on-air talkers and those who write the chyrons etc. for such organizations be so clueless about the framing power of the words they use?


Republicans *always* refer to the President’s investment in America package as a “spending bill.” What’s a “spending” bill? It’s a bill whose purpose is to spend money. Obviously. That’s the way Republicans want the voters to see it.


Democrats want voters to see it as a bill whose purpose is to provide goods, services, protection of the environment, etc. So instead of referring to it as a “spending” bill, Democrats refer to it as … a “spending” bill!!? WTF!


On the last two nights Ari Melber referred to it continually as a “spending bill.” This morning the MSNBC chyrons referred to it continually as a “spending bill.” With friends like MSNBC, who needs Republicans to destroy our democracy?




P.S. Manchin and Sinema might be “moderate” or “centrist” politicians, but they are not “moderate” or “centrist” Democrats. They are “conservative,” “right-wing,” “reactionary,” “regressive” Democrats.

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