Reply to Michael Waltz “guest column” (i.e., pack of lots etc.)


Nota Bene

To anyone who reads this (assuming anyone does read it!), at several points I note that I can’t adequately respond to Waltz because I don’t yet have sufficient information.

Barack Obama once told a reporter he hadn’t yet commented on some matter because he liked to be sure he knew what he was talking about before he spoke. I feel the same way; so I’ll much appreciate any information or pointers toward information I can get.

(Remembering how Obama’s successor had no such qualms–and no compunction about lying even on the rare occasions when he did know what he was talking about–I trust you’ll appreciate my reticence.)

The response is lengthy; so, instead of posting it here, I’ve decided to upload it as a PDF. Here’s the link: Waltz lies


Michael Waltz’s congressional district covers Volusia and Flagler counties.