John Eastman, one of Trump’s “best people” can’t keep his story straight!

Donald Trump said he hired only the very best people. In saying this, as in almost everything else he’s ever done, he was either lying, exhibiting exceptionally poor judgment, or both.


What follows is an excerpt from an Alternet article on one of those wonderful people: John Eastman, the lawyer who developed the rationale behind the January 6th insurrection.


You may recall that last week Eastman said in public that the plan to overthrow the government he outlined in his notorious memo, and that Trump adopted and followed, was “crazy” and “not viable.” Then, a couple of days later, he was caught on video by undercover reporter Lauren Windsor insisting that if Pence hadn’t been so “spineless” it would have worked.


The image below shows Eastman (dressed for a Wild West shoot-out) with Rudy. Trump was going to be late for his appearance at the “pre-coup pep rally,” so these two were asked to speak for awhile pending his arrival.
Rudy has already lost his license to practice law in Washington DC and New York. Let’s hope that Eastman will soon join hin in disbarment.


Eastman Rudy omp 1


The report, written by Washington Post reporters Josh Dawsey, Jacqueline Alemany, Jon Swaine, and Emma Brown, explains how Eastman attempted to build a case to persuade former Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election. It has been revealed that “even as rioters overran the Capitol and a recalcitrant Pence was forced into hiding, Eastman emailed a Pence aide to actually blame Pence for the scene.”