Quick Quiz: Was this written by a Democrat or a Republican?

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Query: was this passage written by a Democrat or by a Republican?

The answer is that it was written by a Democrat, of course, but the really interesting question is why that’s so obvious.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Oh, by the way, the passage was written by Dr. Michelle Heisler of Physicians For Human Rights.


Is it just as obvious that it was written by a woman as that it was written by a liberal? Doesn’t seen so to me, but, again, what are your thoughts?

Alternet’s blurbs and headlines #423

Good guy bad guy 1


The trouble here is that they’re alluding to the NRA bromide: “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”


Here we have a bad guy with a gun who (in my opinion) murdered two good guys who had no guns. He was aided and abetter by a bad guy with a gavel who was hiding beneath judicial garb.


His mommy should have left him at home instead of driving him and his “cool looking” assault rifle across the state line.

As a very old kid, I ask….

Capto Capture 2021 11 24 04 58 24 PM


One more thing …

“Older people sit down [at a computer] and ask, ‘What is it?’ But the child asks, ‘What can I do with it?’” – Steve Jobs


I look at it and say, “Cool! What can it do? And, most important—given my limitations of vision, coordination, digital dexterity, neuropathy, and time available for learning—what can I as a uniquely decrepit geezer, do with it?”

Doocy Jr. — a double agent?

Psaki s stooge 1


Assuming that Peter Doocy isn’t really as stupid and mean spirited as he sounds during White House press conferences (a huge assumption, I know, but just for the sake of argument)….


Is it possible that he’s a double agent? You know, being paid by Faux Non-News to try to make President Biden look bad; but, at the same time, being paid by the White House to make Jen Psaki look great? He really does behave like a combination straight man and stooge, doesn’t he?


Totally off-topic observation: the White House really should remove the Little American flag they have on the emblem on the wall behind the podium. It always looks like there’s a little flag growing up right out of the top of the head of whoever is speaking.

Kevin McCarthy: Them Dems were mean to me!

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Sunday complained that Democrats had heckled him during his 8-hour floor speech.


While speaking to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, McCarthy explained that he had given the lengthy speech to prevent Democrats from passing President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda.


“The amount of heckling that they would try to do to stop me from being able to talk,” the GOP leader recalled. “But what we really found, Maria, with one-party rule in one year, this big government socialism isn’t working.”


Dear Leader McCarthy—


You were not “giving a speech” to oppose passage of the bipartisan bill. You knew the following:


That the bill would pass. Speaker Pelosi would not have put a bill on the floor without having the votes.


That you weren’t actually speechifying against the bill. You were stumping for election as Speaker Pelosi’s successor.


You may not know the following:


That you are a really lousy orator. For example, Norm Ornstein got so bored with your ineffectual wandering off topic and thrashing about in the weeds that he gave up after just 3 hours.


That you are widely acknowledged to be an intellectually feeble liar whose words no rational person believes.


That you are widely recognized as a wannabe bully who is, in fact, a craven weakling. (We all remember how Paul Ryan ate your lunch; we know what you said in that 1/6 phone call to Trump; and we know how you tucked your tail between your legs and ran whimpering down to Mar-a-Lago.)


Your whimpering again–this time about how a young woman in just her 2nd term in the House is bullying big, macho “Wannabe Speaker” McCarthy–confirms everything I said above.

A disconcerting feeling about democracy.

Voting Rights FL 1


Scary feelings.


I just experienced a disconcerting realization. I was about to personalize my contribution to a petition The Union Of Concern Scientists was sending to Congress when I found suddenly that I was unable to continue. My purpose in writing was to petition for approval of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act.


Mind you, I’ve sent letters to my senators and representatives many times through the years. At first I thought they might actually read and pay attention to what I said. Later I realized they would probably simply add my letter to a count of pro, con, or neutral responses. This time I was overwhelmed with the feeling that they wouldn’t bother even to do that; or, if they did, wouldn’t really care what I thought.


This is certainly true in my state, Florida, and at least in respect to Krysten Sinema it is in Arizona as well. If it’s true in enough other places as well, then that sudden feeling I experienced was appropriate. Voting no longer matters, and our democracy has already died. Oh yes, the forms remain! But the heart, soul, and spirit of democracy have dried-up and turned to dust.


UCS logo 1



I was stunned at the response of Republicans in the House to passage of the bipartisan segment of President Biden’s plan for investment in America and its people. They insisted that Republicans who had voted in favor of the bill were traitors to their own party because they had given President Biden a “win.”


You yourself voted against the bill, I know, but I never heard you say that you rejected it for reasons that suggested mere partisan game playing. I’m writing in trust and hope that you retain higher level motivations than do your colleagues in the lower chamber.


The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act are essential if we are to save American democracy. We’ve all read and heard small minded members of your own party insist that if all eligible Americans are allowed to vote, Republicans will never win another election. I do not believe that. I trust that you do not believe it either.


Pass these acts, sir. Make it possible for all eligible Americans to vote. Then in your own campaign make your best possible positive case for the policies and programs you believe in. Show that you trust yourself, your constituents, and democracy itself. Might make a good campaign slogan!