Romney’s strange take on the filibuster.

Filibuster 2

Filibuster 1




Coincidentally, Mark Elias was just interviewed on the Nicole Wallace show. Without mentioning Romney, he made exactly the same argument as I do in the two paragraphs below!




If we keep the filibuster, we lose the right to vote—which won’t matter anyhow, because keeping the filibuster will allow GQP state legislatures to gerrymander democratic elections into a rueful memory and to pass state laws allowing them to toss out the results of elections that don’t favor them.


In other words, if we keep the filibuster, we are vastly more likely to see the next, more competent Trump in the White House. If we ditch the filibuster, we’ll have at least a chance to save our democracy. Romney’s position is absurd.

Kevin McCarthy is a big, fat liar!

The incident Kinzinger’s referring to here is McCarthy’s having lied about Kinzinger’s asking McCarthy to recommend him for a job in Trump’s cabinet. (I forget which one.)


Kinzinger says liar 1


It reminds me of a story Adam Schiff tells in his latest book, Midnight in Washington: How We Almost  Lost Our Democracy and Still Could.


Midnight 1


Schiff was coincidentally seated beside McCarthy on a flight to or from California. A day or so later, McCarthy told the press a totally fabricated bogus story about the conversation they’d had. Schiff confronted him. McCarthy didn’t deny he’d lied. In effect, he simply shrugged and said, “Yeah. So what?”


I think I’ll expand these thoughts for an article in the Hyde Park newsletter.