Women of Volusia Co. FL turn out to support suffragette play at Athens Theatre

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Winning the right to vote for women of no color was a big achievement.


Winning the right to vote for women of color (regardless of hue or shade) was a bigger achievement.


Winning back the right to vote for anyone who isn’t a GQP MAGAt will be the biggest achievement of all.


Aside: FL’s GQP MAGAt governor just signed a bill making it much harder to vote by mail. Right after the 2020 election he boasted that 2020 was FL’s most secure and successful election ever. For MAGAts, when history proves inconvenient, you simply rewrite it. Presto-Change-o! All previous statements are now inoperative. They’ve been supplanted by “alternative facts.”



Suffragette play 2


Suffragette play 1

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