Ron DeSantis is a dangerous, in my opinion murderous, liar!

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Lying Liar!

I can’t swear to it, obviously, but I’m pretty darn sure that every politician lies. They might or might not do it by commission—but they sure as hell do it by omission, avoidance, spinning, obfuscation, dancing around, etc. Some politicians’ lies are fairly innocuous, but others are downright dangerous. Ron DeSantis is a very dangerous liar indeed.

These are the CDC data:


CDC logo 1

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has lost a bit of it credibility; nevertheless, this infographic does communicate the fact memorably:

WHO logo 1

WHO infographic 1


And another of their infographics shows the importance of a comprehensive approach to prevention:


WHO infographic 2


And this  turned up just today:



80 health orgs 1

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