Letter to the Editor of the Daytona Beach FL News-Journal

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The News-Journal published this letter, #1 spot, on November 24. Happy Thanksgiving, “Death-Spreader”!




Refusing to get vaccinated against COVID seems incomprehensible to a person with even a slight understanding of science. A common attempt to explain this is to suggest, “Oh, it isn’t about ignorance or stupidity. It’s about politics.”


Maybe so, but think what that means. It means one is so determined to conform to MAGA standards of correct behavior as to risk infecting oneself, family, and friends with deadly and often lethal disease. Hard to believe one would go that far. Alas, though, pressure to be “politically correct” can be truly formidable. We all remember when Trump was booed at a rally in Tennessee for daring to suggest people really should get vaccinated. He quickly backtracked.


One of the more effective ways of dealing with this pressure is through mandates–forcing people to do what’s best for themselves, their families, and their communities; to do what the majority know deep inside they should do but are afraid to.


That’s what makes our governor’s behavior so profoundly despicable. Gov. DeSantis is an intelligent and educated person. He knows perfectly well that “vaxing & masking” are the most effective means of responding to this disease. But what does he do? He (1) flatly lies about the effectiveness of $20/dose vaccines; (2) promotes use of $2000/dose remediation; (3) forbids use of masks; (4) hires a leading QAnon conspirator as Surgeon General; (5) sues the President to block use of mandates.


With friends like DeSantis FL needs no enemies.

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