What the GQP mean when they refer to “tax & spend& dems…

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Notice that in the post that follows I use the term “hoi polloi.” I sent a quick text message about what my computer’s software did to the term to our daughter, who teaches Latin. Here’s what happened:


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Yeah. My desktop blogging client turned “hoi polloi” into “hot polo.” Then, when I wrote to tell my daughter about it, my Messages program turned “hoi polloi” into “hot pool.”


And, to all you pickers of nits out there, “Yes.” Both I and my daughter are aware that “hoi polloi” is Greek, not Latin.


This is what they’re referring to…

Tax the rich and spend to benefit all.

They’re happy to benefit from the spending (and claim credit for that benefit!) — but they don’t want the poor, pitiful rich folk to have to pay their taxes as the rest of us among the hoi polloi must do.


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House Republican comes out and says it: Forcing tax cheats to pay up would ‘cost’ them billions


Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace, inflicted on us by the state of South Carolina, has been running a bold new online ad condemning Democratic plans to boost funding for the Internal Revenue Service. Why, you might ask?


“Biden’s policy will double the size of the IRS at the cost of billions of dollars in unpaid taxes. We should stabilize our nation’s economy first.”

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