Red State gullibility/vulnerability

Think twice or more when you read something like this:


Red state vulnerability 1


Obvious responsibilities toward which both I and others, I’m sure, are tempted to jump:


  • Stupidity has consequences.
  • Ignorance has consequences.
  • Gullibility has consequences.
  • Karma’s a bitch!


That’s all true. But the thing is, those consequences aren’t restricted to the stupid, ignorant, and gullible. We all suffer!


What makes it worse is that the whole process is being manipulated by persons who aren’t stupid, aren’t ignorant, and aren’t gullible. Rather, they’re evil!


When voters are hurting, scared, dying they look for scapegoats—and the first place they look is toward whichever political party is in power. It is thus to conscienceless Republican leaders’ advantage for Red State voters  to be dying. Yeah, that’s what I said. Republican politicians benefit when Republican voters die.


It causes the survivors to feel fear, to blame their fear on Democrats, and to turn out themselves and do their best to prevent Democrats from turning out. That’s why evil politicians like Ron DeSantis fight so hard against vaxing, masking, mandates. And why they want to command their own private, lawless militias to help suppress both voting and the saving of human lives.