Candace Owens finds a new way to turn America blue!

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From Alternet:


The notoriously ignorant right-winger and anti-vaxxer Candance Owens went from denying the validity of vaccines to encouraging her 4.1 million followers on Instagram to follow her regimen of using colloidal silver as a daily supplement.

“Yes, colloidal silver!” Owens says enthusiastically in her latest Instagram video. “I take colloidal silver every single day, I love colloidal silver. That is a great one. That is another one that people probably know nothing about.

And just in case you’re interested in staving off illness with colloidal silver, the Mayo Clinic clearly says the stuff isn’t safe or effective for anything basically. “Silver has no known purpose in the body. It’s not an essential mineral.”

The most infamous side effect from using colloidal silver is argyria, a condition that can permanently turn the skin of the user a bluish-gray.

Journalistic irresponsibility.

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Think about what this says, without being distracted by the way it’s said!


Axios has published a report that is making some Republicans furious.


“Young Dems more likely to despise the other party,” the headline reads. It doesn’t get much better for those on the right.


The study of 850 college students finds 71% of Democrats would not go on a date with someone who voted for Donald Trump. Just 31% of Republicans surveyed said they would not go on a date with a Biden voter.


The article is about Republican outrage over the fact that 71% of college Democrats wouldn’t date someone who voted for Trump. OK. So tell me this: What percentage of college Republicans would date someone who voted for Biden? 69%. 71% vs. 69%! BFD!!!


They report the percentage of Democrats who would not date someone who voted for Trump. Then they compare that to the percentage of Republicans who would date someone who voted for Biden. In other words, they compare apples to persimmons. And they toss in the preposterous term “despise”! WHY?!

Doocy Jr. — a double agent?

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Assuming that Peter Doocy isn’t really as stupid and mean spirited as he sounds during White House press conferences (a huge assumption, I know, but just for the sake of argument)….


Is it possible that he’s a double agent? You know, being paid by Faux Non-News to try to make President Biden look bad; but, at the same time, being paid by the White House to make Jen Psaki look great? He really does behave like a combination straight man and stooge, doesn’t he?


Totally off-topic observation: the White House really should remove the Little American flag they have on the emblem on the wall behind the podium. It always looks like there’s a little flag growing up right out of the top of the head of whoever is speaking.