Candace Owens finds a new way to turn America blue!

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From Alternet:


The notoriously ignorant right-winger and anti-vaxxer Candance Owens went from denying the validity of vaccines to encouraging her 4.1 million followers on Instagram to follow her regimen of using colloidal silver as a daily supplement.

“Yes, colloidal silver!” Owens says enthusiastically in her latest Instagram video. “I take colloidal silver every single day, I love colloidal silver. That is a great one. That is another one that people probably know nothing about.

And just in case you’re interested in staving off illness with colloidal silver, the Mayo Clinic clearly says the stuff isn’t safe or effective for anything basically. “Silver has no known purpose in the body. It’s not an essential mineral.”

The most infamous side effect from using colloidal silver is argyria, a condition that can permanently turn the skin of the user a bluish-gray.

You say you want to die from COVID? Do this…

First, join an evangelical Christian church.


Note that we’re not just talking about Christianity. There are many more flavors of Christianity than there are flavors of Baskin-Robbins and Ben & Jerry’s combined. You need  to look for a church that  identifies itself as “evangelical” and embraces that strange version of Christian theology known as “millennialism.”

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Second, move to a state controlled  by Republicans.


At best, Republican controlled states will pooh-pooh the risk of COVID and the efficacy of vaccines. Beyond that, they might promote quack or expensive alternatives to vaccination, and reject protective regulations. And then there’s this…


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Artists as activists.






Confession of cluelessness!

Back when I was still physically able to travel, I visited the Sackler Wing of The Metropolitan Museum of Art many times. But I never connected it with the notorious family that cynically and heartlessly caused so much of the opiate addiction from which we’re suffering now in the U.S. I’m really pleased that these artists are more alert than I.


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