Kevin McCarthy is a big, fat liar!

The incident Kinzinger’s referring to here is McCarthy’s having lied about Kinzinger’s asking McCarthy to recommend him for a job in Trump’s cabinet. (I forget which one.)


Kinzinger says liar 1


It reminds me of a story Adam Schiff tells in his latest book, Midnight in Washington: How We Almost  Lost Our Democracy and Still Could.


Midnight 1


Schiff was coincidentally seated beside McCarthy on a flight to or from California. A day or so later, McCarthy told the press a totally fabricated bogus story about the conversation they’d had. Schiff confronted him. McCarthy didn’t deny he’d lied. In effect, he simply shrugged and said, “Yeah. So what?”


I think I’ll expand these thoughts for an article in the Hyde Park newsletter.

I signed this petition from Democracy for America.

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Four years of Donald Trump tested the limits of our democracy and exposed just how fragile it was in the wrong hands. Years of corruption, nepotism, greed, and near-fascism symbolized the Trump Administration as it lay waste to presidential norms and the Constitution.


Thankfully our democracy was pulled back from the brink in the 2020 elections, but because we persevered this time, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act to prevent future tyrants like Trump from wielding and bending their powers to their advantage. We can and must act to put reasonable limits on the executive branch and increase transparency and accountability for those who hold the highest office.


Sign and send the petition now and urge Congress to pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which would curb unconstrained executive branch power, limit emergency powers, prohibit self-pardons, and prevent political interference at the DOJ! >>


The Protecting Our Democracy Act (PODA) would also:


  • Root out corruption by preventing presidents from profiting from public office,
  • Protect our elections from foreign interference,
  • Codify into law the requirement that all major party presidential and vice-presidential candidates publicly disclose 10 years of tax returns,
  • Bolster Congress’ ability for oversight, expediting the enforcement of congressional subpoenas and increasing protections for whistleblowers, and
  • Other essential checks on the presidency


Here’s the letter I wrote above my signature:


For many decades our government functioned on the understanding that a majority of persons in positions of power would honor what upper-class Brits used to call (perhaps still do), “the done thing.”


In a post-Trump world, that can obviously no longer be counted on. What used to be a common understanding must now be codified into law. Yes, this is a sad moment for America. But we must face reality and manage the sadness if we are to save our democracy.

DFA Petition: Manchin 1

Coal Baron Joe Manchin should not be chairing the committee charged with regulating coal barons! Here’s the DFA petition. Beneath it is the comment I added in signing it.


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For a member of Congress to have a financial interest in an entity she or he is charged with regulating isn’t just “bad optics,” as the politicians’ euphemism would phrase it. It’s a flat out, stone obvious profound conflict of interest. Just ask the Federal investigators hot on the trail of insider-trading Richard Burr of NC and his brother-in-law.


For such a member not just to serve on a committee specifically charged with overseeing the entity in which she or he has a financial interest, but actually to chair the committee… Sheesh! Come along, Leader Shumer. Get Manchin out of the chairmanship and off that committee. What’s sauce for a GQP goose like Burr must also be sauce for a Democratic gander like Manchin.


Such manifest conflicts of interest should not be permitted by Congressional rules. Indeed, they should not be permitted by the laws of the United States.

Cruz? Embarrassed? I doubt it!

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) put his foot in his mouth on Wednesday while attempting to attack the Biden administration.


“John Kerry has a private jet that has flown dozens of times this past year all around the country,” Cruz said.


“I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a private jet. I don’t believe any of the people on this stage have their own private jet,” Cruz said of his fellow Republicans.


At that point, somebody off-camera said Sen. Rob Portman has a private jet.


Cruz jet comp 1


BTW, aren’t Cruz and his parents among those filthy Hispanic immigrants Fucker Carlson says are coming to America to “replace” us?