Red State gullibility/vulnerability

Think twice or more when you read something like this:


Red state vulnerability 1


Obvious responsibilities toward which both I and others, I’m sure, are tempted to jump:


  • Stupidity has consequences.
  • Ignorance has consequences.
  • Gullibility has consequences.
  • Karma’s a bitch!


That’s all true. But the thing is, those consequences aren’t restricted to the stupid, ignorant, and gullible. We all suffer!


What makes it worse is that the whole process is being manipulated by persons who aren’t stupid, aren’t ignorant, and aren’t gullible. Rather, they’re evil!


When voters are hurting, scared, dying they look for scapegoats—and the first place they look is toward whichever political party is in power. It is thus to conscienceless Republican leaders’ advantage for Red State voters  to be dying. Yeah, that’s what I said. Republican politicians benefit when Republican voters die.


It causes the survivors to feel fear, to blame their fear on Democrats, and to turn out themselves and do their best to prevent Democrats from turning out. That’s why evil politicians like Ron DeSantis fight so hard against vaxing, masking, mandates. And why they want to command their own private, lawless militias to help suppress both voting and the saving of human lives.

Colbert on incredibly omicron conspiracy theory.

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Stephen Colbert is addressing the latest bizarre conspiracy theories anti-vaxxers are pushing with the emergence of the latest COVID variant Omicron.


On the Thursday evening edition of “The Late Show,” Colbert slammed the latest round of mind-boggling claims from anti-vaxxers insisting the emerging variant is a hoax, reports HuffPost.


“The newest batch of online stupid maintains that omicron is a hoax,” said Colbert. “Their proof? If you scramble the letters of omicron, you get the word moronic.”


“Wow … that theory is incredibly omicron,” he joked.

Quick Quiz: Was this written by a Democrat or a Republican?

PHR Michelle Heisler 1


Query: was this passage written by a Democrat or by a Republican?

The answer is that it was written by a Democrat, of course, but the really interesting question is why that’s so obvious.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Oh, by the way, the passage was written by Dr. Michelle Heisler of Physicians For Human Rights.


Is it just as obvious that it was written by a woman as that it was written by a liberal? Doesn’t seen so to me, but, again, what are your thoughts?

Letter to the Editor of the Daytona Beach FL News-Journal



The News-Journal published this letter, #1 spot, on November 24. Happy Thanksgiving, “Death-Spreader”!




Refusing to get vaccinated against COVID seems incomprehensible to a person with even a slight understanding of science. A common attempt to explain this is to suggest, “Oh, it isn’t about ignorance or stupidity. It’s about politics.”


Maybe so, but think what that means. It means one is so determined to conform to MAGA standards of correct behavior as to risk infecting oneself, family, and friends with deadly and often lethal disease. Hard to believe one would go that far. Alas, though, pressure to be “politically correct” can be truly formidable. We all remember when Trump was booed at a rally in Tennessee for daring to suggest people really should get vaccinated. He quickly backtracked.


One of the more effective ways of dealing with this pressure is through mandates–forcing people to do what’s best for themselves, their families, and their communities; to do what the majority know deep inside they should do but are afraid to.


That’s what makes our governor’s behavior so profoundly despicable. Gov. DeSantis is an intelligent and educated person. He knows perfectly well that “vaxing & masking” are the most effective means of responding to this disease. But what does he do? He (1) flatly lies about the effectiveness of $20/dose vaccines; (2) promotes use of $2000/dose remediation; (3) forbids use of masks; (4) hires a leading QAnon conspirator as Surgeon General; (5) sues the President to block use of mandates.


With friends like DeSantis FL needs no enemies.

Ron DeSantis is a dangerous, in my opinion murderous, liar!

Lying Liar!

I can’t swear to it, obviously, but I’m pretty darn sure that every politician lies. They might or might not do it by commission—but they sure as hell do it by omission, avoidance, spinning, obfuscation, dancing around, etc. Some politicians’ lies are fairly innocuous, but others are downright dangerous. Ron DeSantis is a very dangerous liar indeed.

These are the CDC data:


CDC logo 1

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has lost a bit of it credibility; nevertheless, this infographic does communicate the fact memorably:

WHO logo 1

WHO infographic 1


And another of their infographics shows the importance of a comprehensive approach to prevention:


WHO infographic 2


And this  turned up just today:



80 health orgs 1

Petition! More right-wing “blame the victim” bullshit!

Blame the 15 yr old victim 1

A 15 year old girl at Hawthorne Academy was suspended after she came forward about her Sexual Assault by another classmate. She had been harassed by this boy almost daily and one day he followed her into the girls bathroom, pushed her into a stall. and sexually assaulted her. She reported it to the school and the school contacted law enforcement. The boy admitted what he had done and was charged. The school then informed the mom of the 15 year old girl that they didn’t find any evidence that the assault took place so they were suspending her daughter and forcing her to take a calls called “Sexual Assault Is Preventable.” The mom told the school that the police had made an arrest and the boy admitted to the assault. The school informed her that the police’s investigation had nothing to do with their own. 

The girl now feels as if she is being punished for coming forward. The school staff and board members are refusing to make any statements on the matter. 
Victims of SA rarely come forward because they fear they won’t be believed. Situations like this prove them right. 

Hold the staff and school accountable. Sign this petition and call for their resignation.Stand with the victim.


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