Journalistic irresponsibility.

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Think about what this says, without being distracted by the way it’s said!


Axios has published a report that is making some Republicans furious.


“Young Dems more likely to despise the other party,” the headline reads. It doesn’t get much better for those on the right.


The study of 850 college students finds 71% of Democrats would not go on a date with someone who voted for Donald Trump. Just 31% of Republicans surveyed said they would not go on a date with a Biden voter.


The article is about Republican outrage over the fact that 71% of college Democrats wouldn’t date someone who voted for Trump. OK. So tell me this: What percentage of college Republicans would date someone who voted for Biden? 69%. 71% vs. 69%! BFD!!!


They report the percentage of Democrats who would not date someone who voted for Trump. Then they compare that to the percentage of Republicans who would date someone who voted for Biden. In other words, they compare apples to persimmons. And they toss in the preposterous term “despise”! WHY?!

Pearl Harbor and the U.S. Capitol

The Japanese Navy attacked U.S. democracy on December 7, 1941.


Ph 2


The U.S. fought back fiercely and saved our democracy.


Republicans are attacking our democracy right now. U.S. patriots—especially in the Senate—are simpering and wringing their hands.


Senate 1


This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men

Red State gullibility/vulnerability

Think twice or more when you read something like this:


Red state vulnerability 1


Obvious responsibilities toward which both I and others, I’m sure, are tempted to jump:


  • Stupidity has consequences.
  • Ignorance has consequences.
  • Gullibility has consequences.
  • Karma’s a bitch!


That’s all true. But the thing is, those consequences aren’t restricted to the stupid, ignorant, and gullible. We all suffer!


What makes it worse is that the whole process is being manipulated by persons who aren’t stupid, aren’t ignorant, and aren’t gullible. Rather, they’re evil!


When voters are hurting, scared, dying they look for scapegoats—and the first place they look is toward whichever political party is in power. It is thus to conscienceless Republican leaders’ advantage for Red State voters  to be dying. Yeah, that’s what I said. Republican politicians benefit when Republican voters die.


It causes the survivors to feel fear, to blame their fear on Democrats, and to turn out themselves and do their best to prevent Democrats from turning out. That’s why evil politicians like Ron DeSantis fight so hard against vaxing, masking, mandates. And why they want to command their own private, lawless militias to help suppress both voting and the saving of human lives.

Colbert on incredibly omicron conspiracy theory.

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Stephen Colbert is addressing the latest bizarre conspiracy theories anti-vaxxers are pushing with the emergence of the latest COVID variant Omicron.


On the Thursday evening edition of “The Late Show,” Colbert slammed the latest round of mind-boggling claims from anti-vaxxers insisting the emerging variant is a hoax, reports HuffPost.


“The newest batch of online stupid maintains that omicron is a hoax,” said Colbert. “Their proof? If you scramble the letters of omicron, you get the word moronic.”


“Wow … that theory is incredibly omicron,” he joked.

What the GQP mean when they refer to “tax & spend& dems…


Notice that in the post that follows I use the term “hoi polloi.” I sent a quick text message about what my computer’s software did to the term to our daughter, who teaches Latin. Here’s what happened:


Capto Capture 2021 12 01 03 35 50 PM


Yeah. My desktop blogging client turned “hoi polloi” into “hot polo.” Then, when I wrote to tell my daughter about it, my Messages program turned “hoi polloi” into “hot pool.”


And, to all you pickers of nits out there, “Yes.” Both I and my daughter are aware that “hoi polloi” is Greek, not Latin.


This is what they’re referring to…

Tax the rich and spend to benefit all.

They’re happy to benefit from the spending (and claim credit for that benefit!) — but they don’t want the poor, pitiful rich folk to have to pay their taxes as the rest of us among the hoi polloi must do.


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House Republican comes out and says it: Forcing tax cheats to pay up would ‘cost’ them billions


Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace, inflicted on us by the state of South Carolina, has been running a bold new online ad condemning Democratic plans to boost funding for the Internal Revenue Service. Why, you might ask?


“Biden’s policy will double the size of the IRS at the cost of billions of dollars in unpaid taxes. We should stabilize our nation’s economy first.”

Quick Quiz: Was this written by a Democrat or a Republican?

PHR Michelle Heisler 1


Query: was this passage written by a Democrat or by a Republican?

The answer is that it was written by a Democrat, of course, but the really interesting question is why that’s so obvious.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Oh, by the way, the passage was written by Dr. Michelle Heisler of Physicians For Human Rights.


Is it just as obvious that it was written by a woman as that it was written by a liberal? Doesn’t seen so to me, but, again, what are your thoughts?