Women of Volusia Co. FL turn out to support suffragette play at Athens Theatre

Winning the right to vote for women of no color was a big achievement.


Winning the right to vote for women of color (regardless of hue or shade) was a bigger achievement.


Winning back the right to vote for anyone who isn’t a GQP MAGAt will be the biggest achievement of all.


Aside: FL’s GQP MAGAt governor just signed a bill making it much harder to vote by mail. Right after the 2020 election he boasted that 2020 was FL’s most secure and successful election ever. For MAGAts, when history proves inconvenient, you simply rewrite it. Presto-Change-o! All previous statements are now inoperative. They’ve been supplanted by “alternative facts.”



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U.S. [In]justice for one who dared challenge Big Oil

Greg Palast is a very colorful character, with an ego the size of New Hampshire. However…! Wiki summarizes:


Palast then attended the University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, Berkeley, and University of Chicago, from which he graduated in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and in 1976 with a Master’s of Business Administration.


It’s always tickled me that Palast, the leftiest of liberals, took courses at Chicago from … wait for it!  … Milton Friedman!


Palast is also an excellent writer and documentary film maker, and a terrific kick-ass investigative journalist.


Palast headline

Famed indigenous human rights lawyer Steven Donziger had already been
under house arrest for over 800 days when he reported to prison on October
27 to begin a six-month sentence. His crime: winning the largest single
pollution judgment in history, $9.5 billion, for the Cofan people of the Amazon
rain-forest in Ecuador.

Was the human rights hero jailed in Brazil or China? No, he was sentenced to
prison in the USA.


AmazonWatch, 60 Nobel Prize winners and the bar associations of a dozen
nations have called for an end to this political prosecution. And, after a two-
year judicial review, the United Nations Human Rights Commission has
ordered the US to release the human rights lawyer.

Youngkins’s poor, innocent child…

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When a reporter asked Youngkin about his son trying to vote when he wasn’t legally old enough to do so, Virginia’s governor-elect responded, “It was silliness, I think. There’s real confusion on where a 17-year-old can vote or not. And so, he had a friend who suggested that he might be able to vote. He went up and asked…. And he presented his ID, and when they said he couldn’t vote, he said, ‘OK.’ And he went to school.”


But according to Rubashkin [journalist who researched the story], Youngkin “conveniently leaves out that half an hour after his son was told he couldn’t vote, he came back and tried to vote again.”


Poor child 1

Ben Jealous – Norman Lear – PFAW

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In a Washington Post op-ed earlier this year, People For co-founder and World War II vet Norman Lear wrote:


The right to vote is foundational…. It is at the heart of everything I have fought for in war and in peacetime.


The right of the People to choose our leaders and hold them accountable through elections when they don’t serve the People’s interests … to cast a vote and have that vote count … and the peaceful transfer of power based on the results of free and fair elections. American democracy has never been perfect but over our nation’s history it has been improved and expanded to be more inclusive.


The preservation and perseverance of American democracy is something generations of veterans have fought for, and our commitment to the freedom to vote and a peaceful transfer of power honors them.


Please take a few moments to join the fight here at home to preserve democracy and protect the right to vote.


1. If you have not already, please sign our petition urging the Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, which includes groundbreaking protections for voting rights. >>


2. Find an event near you during this week’s grassroots week of action to show your support of this and other critical voting rights protections. >>


And please take a few minutes to read (or re-read) Norman’s op-ed about the right to vote; it’s well worth it.


Thank you for all that you do.


– Ben Jealous, President