Petition! More right-wing “blame the victim” bullshit!

Blame the 15 yr old victim 1

A 15 year old girl at Hawthorne Academy was suspended after she came forward about her Sexual Assault by another classmate. She had been harassed by this boy almost daily and one day he followed her into the girls bathroom, pushed her into a stall. and sexually assaulted her. She reported it to the school and the school contacted law enforcement. The boy admitted what he had done and was charged. The school then informed the mom of the 15 year old girl that they didn’t find any evidence that the assault took place so they were suspending her daughter and forcing her to take a calls called “Sexual Assault Is Preventable.” The mom told the school that the police had made an arrest and the boy admitted to the assault. The school informed her that the police’s investigation had nothing to do with their own. 

The girl now feels as if she is being punished for coming forward. The school staff and board members are refusing to make any statements on the matter. 
Victims of SA rarely come forward because they fear they won’t be believed. Situations like this prove them right. 

Hold the staff and school accountable. Sign this petition and call for their resignation.Stand with the victim.


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GQP response to passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

I wrote a post yesterday speculating about how Rubio, Scott, and Waltz might respond to passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and how Democrats might deal with their response. Didn’t take Nosferatu Scott long to provide evidence for testing my speculation!


Scott NO 1


Scott said that of course he would claim credit for the good things the bill will provide! After all, he didn’t vote against it because it had no good parts. He voted against it because it also had bad parts. And, before you ask, no, of course he didn’t specify which was which. Remember, one of this guy’s nicknames is “Plead the 5th Rick.”


Another response we heard yesterday is far more dangerous. Republicans who voted for the bill (and this includes Mitch McConnell, remember!) are “traitors.” Not to the United States, mind you. To the Republican Party. What was the substance of their treason? They had given a victory to President Biden and to the Democratic Party. Was it actually a victory for the American people? Who cares?


Today’s GQP wants the following:


  • A one-party nation. As Nazi Germany had just one party. And Communist Russia and China and North Korea have/had only one party. They want a dictatorship.


  • They do not care about the welfare of America or of  most Americans. They want what they perceive (rightly or wrongly) as the welfare of themselves and “their kind.”


  • They do not want democracy. They want authoritarianism—a brutal, vicious authoritarianism that treats individual human lives as cheap, even worthless.

Romney’s strange take on the filibuster.

Filibuster 2

Filibuster 1




Coincidentally, Mark Elias was just interviewed on the Nicole Wallace show. Without mentioning Romney, he made exactly the same argument as I do in the two paragraphs below!




If we keep the filibuster, we lose the right to vote—which won’t matter anyhow, because keeping the filibuster will allow GQP state legislatures to gerrymander democratic elections into a rueful memory and to pass state laws allowing them to toss out the results of elections that don’t favor them.


In other words, if we keep the filibuster, we are vastly more likely to see the next, more competent Trump in the White House. If we ditch the filibuster, we’ll have at least a chance to save our democracy. Romney’s position is absurd.

Kevin McCarthy is a big, fat liar!

The incident Kinzinger’s referring to here is McCarthy’s having lied about Kinzinger’s asking McCarthy to recommend him for a job in Trump’s cabinet. (I forget which one.)


Kinzinger says liar 1


It reminds me of a story Adam Schiff tells in his latest book, Midnight in Washington: How We Almost  Lost Our Democracy and Still Could.


Midnight 1


Schiff was coincidentally seated beside McCarthy on a flight to or from California. A day or so later, McCarthy told the press a totally fabricated bogus story about the conversation they’d had. Schiff confronted him. McCarthy didn’t deny he’d lied. In effect, he simply shrugged and said, “Yeah. So what?”


I think I’ll expand these thoughts for an article in the Hyde Park newsletter.